Printworks 100 Percent Recycled Multipurpose Paper Printworks 100% Recycled Paper - From Old Coffee Cups to Your Printer, 8.5 x 11 Inches, 400 sheets

  • $13.99

Office paper made from your old coffee cups!  This paper is made from coffee cups, food containers, and other paper waste products.  This product is a perfectly suitable alternative to virgin paper, saves trees, and diverts waste destined for the landfill to your printer.
We've been using it for months and, well...its white paper, not that complicated, it does the job perfectly.
This product does well on our sustainability checklist:
  • Made from 100% recycle paper
  • Recycle it again when you're done and continue the virtuous cycle and reduce waste


Brand: PrintWorks

Color: White


  • 100 percent post-consumer recycled printer paper for everyday use at an affordable price
  • Made in the USA from recycled food and beverage containers and other paper-based printed materials
  • 20 lb., 92 bright white for better contrast and color reproduction
  • Guaranteed for use with laser/inkjet printers, copiers and multi-function devices
  • Perfect for printing reports, presentations, manuals, school projects and more
  • Premium PrintWorks quality since 1964. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Publisher: Paris Business Products

Release Date: 2012-03-16

Details: Printworks 100% Recycled Multipurpose Paper takes the common belief that what's good for the environment needs to be expensive & turns it on its ear. While most economical, recycled papers are made with 30% recycled fiber, PrintWorks Recycled Multipurpose Paper is 100% recycled, more than 3 times the recycled content but around the same price.
About 40% of all paper collected for recycling in the US is sent on a journey of up to 7,000 miles to overseas markets, where it is remanufactured into paper products, many of which are sent right back to the US. This round trip, of up to 14,000 miles, creates a vast carbon footprint compared to PrintWorks 100% Recycled copy paper which is REMADE right here in the US!
To reduce costs, PrintWorks 100% Recycled printer paper is made from raw materials sourced within 300 miles of the mill. When you buy PrintWorks 100% Recycled paper, you are helping to keep materials out of landfills and promoting a sustainable, environmentally conscious process.
At the mill, a proprietary process takes everyday food & beverage containers along with other print materials & separates the poly layer (the shiny stuff that controls temperature and moisture) from the paper layer. The poly is collected & remade into common household goods like composite fencing & decking. The paper is put through a chlorine-free cleaning, de-inking & re-pulping process to form the basis of this recycled paper.
The performance of PrintWorks 100% recycled paper is comparable to all recycled papers & is quality guaranteed for all inkjet & laser printers & copiers. The multipurpose paper is perfect for everyday printing at home, school or in the office.
For over 50 years, we have been the experts on coatings, paper finishes & the total printing process. Whether you are printing recipes, driving directions, school reports or presentations, Printworks has a grade of paper specifically engineered to meet your needs. All come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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