100% Recycled Plastic Packaging - Seventh Generation Dishwasher Rinse Aid - 8 oz - 2 pk

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Buying Seventh Generation products is a great place to start if you want to start reducing your environmental footprint.  Seventh Generation is like a forefather (or fore-mother) of companies following sustainable business practices.  They are a leader in this space and most of their products packaged in 100% recycled material, or very close to a 100%.  We have been using their products for years and are fully satisfied.
Though Seventh Generation is owned by a large multinational corporation, specifically Unilever, the company has taken steps to maintain it's environmental sustainability and social responsibility goals.  Also, Unilever is trying to reduce its negative impact on society as well (see this article from Bloomberg about their efforts).  Although we try to support small businesses as much as possible, I personally feel like it is good to support large corporations that are trying to do right by the Earth to show that people will reward responsible business practices, if even if it means spending an extra fifty cents on home goods products.
Seventh generation products do well on our sustainability checklist:
  • Packaging made from recycled material that can be recycled when you're finished
  • Seventh generation is a certified B Corporation, which means they consider the environmental and societal impacts of their business, not just the bottom-line
  • Their products are made from plant-based material, are high quality, and reasonably priced


Brand: Seventh Generation


  • Fights Spots & Film.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Fragrances & Dyes.

Publisher: Alere

Details: Seventh Generation Dishwasher Rinse Aid, 8 ozFights against filming and pesky spots all while being gentle on the earth.Biodegradable and VOC free means you'll feel good about doing something good for your planet and your dishes will look great while you do it, too!Fights Spotting and FilmingVOC FreeBiodegradableMade with plant-containing materialsKosherFree & Clear

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