NOT RECOMMEDED - Pens Made From Recycled Milk Cartons

NOT RECOMMEDED - Pens Made From Recycled Milk Cartons

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We are updating our site to create a "Not Recommended" section for products that didn't make the cut.  These pens, although a cool product, didn't lasts very long, drying out after a few months.
Onyx and Green's gel pens get big bonus points from us because of the coolness factor of using recycled milk cartons to make their pens.
We've been using these pens for a few months and we really like them.  I brought them to work and really ran them through the gauntlet since I take A LOT of notes at work (probably because I go to too many meetings).  
Onxy and Green have a full line of eco-friendly office supply options.  This is my first purchase and although I am satisfied with my purchase, I do have two complaints.  First, the ink seems to take a second or two to dry, which can result in smudging.  
Second, the pens came with little plastic nubs on the end, I guess to protect them during shipping.  However, they are retractable and come in a sturdy box (100% recycled cardboard...way to go!).  It seemed like an unnecessary step and exactly the type of small plastic things that fish love to eat up if it makes it to the water.  Either way, those little pieces of plastic likely won't get recycled and end up in the landfill.
All in all though, these were small, admittedly nitpicky issues.  I am excited to try more of Onxy and Green's products in the months to come.  Check 'em out here if you are curious.
This product does well on our sustainability checklist:
  • Made from recycled milk cartons, how cool is that?!  The pens come in 100% recycled cardboard too.
  • It isn't clear whether the pens can be recycled after use.
  • Onxy and Green's website has little information about their environmental or ethical sustainability stance, though their line of products suggest a strong commitment environmental issues.
  • These are quality pens that are about 85 cents more per pen than the average gel pens, which seems like a reasonable cost to avoid some plastic waste.

More info on the product below.

Brand: Onyx and Green


  • .7 mm tips
  • Made from recycled milk cartons
  • comes in recycled carton with soy based ink

Publisher: Onyx and Blue Corporation

Release Date: 2015-04-15

Details: This Onyx & Blue Pen set includes 3 retractable gel pens. All pens had a .7 mm tip, black ink, and are made from recycled milk cartons. Come packaged in recycled carton with soy based ink.

UPC: 826750010119

EAN: 0826750010119

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 2.1 x 0.6 inches