This is a R&R no-brainer!  Superior to disposable razors in quality and shave experience, will last forever, saves you money (in the long run), AND it reduces a source of your plastic waste in your house forever!

A great way to move you and your household closer to the plastic free, zero waste future we are all aspiring to.

This item checks many of the R&R sustainability boxes:

– Life-cycle impact to the environment is much less than the alternative since the replaceable razors are recyclable steel and the razor itself will last a lifetime.

– High quality product that actually out-performs its evil, single use plastic twin.

– No bonus points for recycled material or a socially responsible business practices (at least no obvious from their website)

We have both made the switch to safety razors (Dan as of a few years ago, Jessica in the last year) and we love it.  You can use regular shaving cream that comes in a can, or, if you want to go full old school, get a brush and some high quality shaving cream.  There is a whole world of niche shaving products in the market for all you folks with intense shaving needs.

One tip is you’ll want to get quality razors to improve your experience, such as Astra or Shark.