Skip the virgin plastic and buy Ecotools’ bath pouf made from 100% recycled plastic.  We have been using these for over a year (both me, Dan, and the kids) and they work great, really no complaints.  They are a perfect alternative if you want to help divert some plastic from the landfill.

The company, Ecotools, which is owned by a larger company named Paris Presents, has a marketing plan that focuses on cruelty free, vegan, and environmentally sustainable and eco friendly packaging and materials.  It seems like most of the wood in their products is bamboo, however, it is hard to tell which products actually use recycled material.  Most of their product listings on the homepage do not address that question.  I want to avoid casting unsubstantiated claims since I haven’t purchased anything besides their bath poufs, I do get an uneasy feeling that this could be a case of greenwashing.  That said, even if that is the case, this product seems like a good option.

Here is how they do on our environmental and social sustainability checklist:

  • Made from recycled plastic and when you are done, they can be recycled again…or made into other things if you have more talent than us!
  • Ecotools has limited information about their social responsibility efforts, though they do mention some charitable causes they support
  • This product is high quality and has a reasonable price