Save the planet, reduce your waste, grow a more beautiful garden…composting is awesome!  Throwing organic waste into a landfill produces methane, a climate changing gas 34 times worse than CO2.  Composting is not hard and it has a huge impact on climate change.  Let me tell you another little secret, composting was the thing that drove me to build this site, the amazing natural process of composting and seeing how little waste there is in nature really inspired me to reduce my non-organic waste.  

This compost bin is durable, well-made, and kicks butt on R&R’s sustainability checklist:

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • I doubt you’ll ever need to discard this thing since you’ll fall in love with composting and the product will last forever, but in theory it is recyclable
  • The company doesn’t provide much information about its sustainability efforts, so no bonus points there.