Preserve 100% Recycled Plastic Cups

Preserve is collecting up your trash, turning it into great products, and helping the planet…this company is so awesome I just want to fill my house with their products.  Everything they make is manufactured from recycled #5 plastic, they have a program where they collect up plastic from consumers cleverly called Gimme 5. We use so many of their products (like their toothbrushes). I actually don’t own these but I use them every single Sunday at my favorite yoga studio.  They are light weight, sturdy, and perfect for times when you want to avoid the chance of broken glass.  For instance, these would be great for kids who are transitioning away from sippy cups.Preserve’s products are high quality, dishwasher safe, and very practical.Of course, their products totally rock our sustainability checklist as well:

  • Made from your recycled yogurt cups, saves energy and diverts plastic from the landfill.
  • Done with this product? Send it back to the company (or drop it off at a participating location) and they will reincarnate and renew it, little to no waste!
  • Certified B Corporation, this company is doing it the right way, they are an inspiration!
  • Their products are built to last, high quality, and reasonably priced.