Preserve is collecting up your trash, turning it into great products, and helping the planet…this company is so awesome I just want to fill my house with their products.  Everything they make is manufactured from recycled #5 plastic, they have a program where they collect up plastic from consumers cleverly called Gimme 5. We use so many of their products (like their toothbrushes and mini storage containers).

A member our trusted team of testers, the Triple T, purchased and tested this product, here is her review.  I was looking for a light but sturdy bowl for my 4 year old (bonus that he can’t break it!). These bowls are great – they are light enough that he can easily grab one himself from the cupboard, and have a nice rim for holding. We use it for cereal, a snack bowl, mac n cheese — the 16 oz size is perfect for him.

Also, I have to note the awesome job Preserve does with limiting packaging waste.  When I received these bowls, I was pleasantly surprised with how little packaging accompanied it.  The 4 bowls were simply taped together with a small sticker strip.  BTW, the sticker had a great slogan on it: Reuse Forever, or return it and we will.  How cool is that?!  The world would be a different place, environmentally speaking, if more companies were as thoughtful as Preserve.As you can imagine, this product totally rocks our sustainability checklist:

  • Made from your recycled yogurt cups, saves energy and diverts plastic from the landfill.
  • Done with this product? Send it back to the company (or drop it off at a participating location) and they will reincarnate and renew it, little to no waste!
  • Certified B Corporation, this company is doing it the right way, they are an inspiration!
  • Their products are built to last, high quality, and reasonably priced.