Why wrap up your fruits and veggies in plastic bags when you can use these attractive, super handy mesh bags to stay organized?  These bags are the perfect solution and totally exceeded our expectations.  

A member our trusted team of testers, the Triple T, purchased and tested this product, here is her review.  I purchased these bags to store farm produce we get in a weekly delivery – these bags are perfect! They are very large and sturdy, and we’re great for storing apples or large leafy greens like kale alike. The drawstring make storage and tossing tidily into the fridge. And because they’re mesh, they are also easy to rinse, dry, reuse, and store. For the quality and quantity (5 large bags) I’m also impressed with the price.

This company, Flip & Tumble based in California, is completely woman-owned.  Flip & Tumble are also focused on environmental sustainability and ethical business practices.  They run a carbon-neutral office by purchasing carbon offsets from the Carbon Fund.  They are also part the Green Business Network, a network of companies working to build a green and just economy and certified by Green America.

This product does really well on our environmental sustainability checklist:

  • Using these mesh bags instead of plastic bags helps reduce your household’s plastic waste.
  • Flip & Tumble is focused on making high quality products that will last a long time and thus stay out of the landfill.
  • As mentioned, Flip & Tumble is women-owned and a certified Green Business focused on eco-friendly and ethical business practices.
  • Finally, this product is well made, very useful, and reasonably priced.