ChicoBag is taking plastic bottles and transforming them into bags of all shapes and sizes, including these really handy snack bags.  We use the ChicoBags, made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, to pack dry snacks in the kids’ lunches, packing a sandwich for work, or when leaving the house for a family bike ride.  Note that the bags are not waterproof, so they’re really for crackers, sandwiches, that kind of thing.We have found that to make living a environmentally sustainable lifestyle practical, it’s helpful to have multiple options for packing food if you want to avoid single-use plastic. So sometimes we use the Bee’s Wrap, sometimes we use the snack bags, and of course there’s always plastic containers (preferably made from recycled plastic like here).This product, and the company, is another star performer for R & R, these folks check all the boxes in terms of environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business practices:

  • ChicoBags are made up a 100% recycled plastic
  • ChicoBag will take back old worn-out bags, even ones not made by their company and distribute them to low income families
  • Company has a yearly environmental impact statement that details their approach, spoiler alert: they are kicking butt!
  • They are a certified B Corporation who is working hard to use fair trade practices, just spectacular!
  • And yes, it is a high quality product at a reasonable price

Between the quality products, environmental sustainability, and socially responsible practices, this is truly a great company to support.