Full Circle sells thoughtfully designed, attractive, and environmentally sustainable household goods, many made with recycled materials and plant-based materials.Their products do really well on R&R’s sustainability review criteria (1= Earth is sad, 5= Earth is happy):

  • Environmental Sustainability: 4 – Made from plant-based material, reusable, a superior option to less sustainable materials (like paper towels)
  • Disposal Impact: 4 – Plant-based, so toss in your compost when you are done with this product
  • Social Responsibility: 3 – Full Circle is a B Corp and has an innovative charity partnership to reuse its shipping boxes (more below)
  • Price/quality: 4 – Reasonably priced and durable

We subjected a bunch of Full Circle products to a year of testing. They passed with flying colors!This product is marketed as “dusting cloths” but we use them for general cleaning. Made from plant-based cellulose fibers and thus biodegradable (we are currently testing whether they break down in a backyard compost bin).  By sticking with reusable cloth for cleaning, you can divert a lot of paper towels from the landfill.We have tested two of Full Circle’s reusable cleaning cloths and we have a slight preference for their Super Absorbent Cleaning Cloths (see our review of those here).  They are better for wiping up spills or cleaning a kitchen counter, plus they are made from recycled fibers.  However, they are colored and thus show less wear and tear after a year of wiping up messes.  Its really a toss-up between the two.Bonus points to Full Circle for their charity program. Fill up their shipping boxes with goods for donation, print out a label, and you have a win-win: donate goods to those in need while reusing a cardboard box for another purpose.